For ad executive, future is here

By Daniel Thigpen

In the futuristic film “Minority Report,” large store displays speak to customers on a first-name basis and remember what they purchased on their last visit.

The way Rick Mathieson sees it, that future isn’t so far fetched. Mathieson says the surging technological landscape in America is going to change the way companies get their messages and their products to consumers, much like the movie set in 2054.

That’s the crux of Mathieson’s first book, to be released later this month by AMACOM Books, called “Branding Unbound: The Future of Advertising, Sales and the Brand Experience in the Wireless Age.”

His work explores the potential of wireless communications to how the country’s most powerful companies already are tapping into it.

Mathieson… an executive at a Bay Area advertising agency, said he got the idea for his material after realizing how glued young people are to the cell phones.

“I started to wonder, What does this mean to advertising,” the 38-year-old said Thursday.

From the Appeal-Democrat, June 24, 2005